Kitchen Tools I Actually Use

Good morning everyone! How is the weather in your part of the world? It has been an absolutely b.e.a.YOUtiful weekend here in KC. I spent most of yesterday outside, and I plan on spending most of today outside also!

Anyway… Back to the point.

kitchen-toolsThis all started when I said to my husband last week “I want to get a zoodler!” and he just stared at me.”Do you really need another kitchen tool?” His face said. So, I’ve been holding off on getting a zoodler, and paying attention to the tools that really don’t mean much on busy weeknights or party food preparation or basically to my kitchen life at all, but they sounded useful at one time, promise! You seriously don’t have to have every tool under the sun to cook a meal. It’s actually very overwhelming.

THEN, BlueStar Cooking emailed me and asked me to share what kitchen tools I basically can’t live without. Hello BlueStar, you read my mind!

  1. Cast Iron Skillets, all sizes– These skillets are beloved in my life. My parents still have the same exact cast iron skillets they had when I was growing up in their house, and, they work and look like new! That’s 27 years of the SAME SKILLETS people. These things last. Of course, I had to snag a few from my mom’s friend when she was giving them away for free. Now they are all I use.
  2. Ceramic Knives– Unlike the skillets, these were not a part of my childhood. Simply put, I used a ceramic knife my brother and sister-in-law had at their house, and fell in love. I asked for a set for Christmas, and no other knife compares. Once you go ceramic, you never go back.

Now that I have my own home, I plan on finding long lasting, sturdy kitchen tools that will get used about every day. I’m thinking a double wall oven seems necessary for my perfect kitchen plans, and I wouldn’t mind that it was red. While I’m dreaming, I’ll throw in a red Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, and a farmhouse sink. Those will get used every day at my house! What tools do you need to unleash your inner chef?

Disclosure: I had this halfway written in my head, and was planning on posting about it when I heard about BlueStar. They offered a little inspiration for the dream kitchen component that I included.  I am not being provided with anything from BlueStar. All opinions are my own.

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