Hi! I’m Sammi. I make food, and take pictures of it! You can often find me in my Kansas City kitchen with a mess on the counters and food in my hair. The truly amazing recipes that come out of the mess can be found here! I believe food bonds people, no matter where they’re from, or how different they are from you. What’s the point of knowing an awesome recipe and keeping it all to yourself? And everyone’s gotta eat, right?

How did this all start?

When I was growing up, my mom did a lot of home-cooking. Ever since I could read, I loved reading cookbooks! I remember being obsessed with the recipes in my mom’s Taste of Home magazines. I would literally sit down with one of those magazines, or a cookbook, and I would read them like a book! I came to learn that cooking and baking was a passion of mine, so I decided to share my culinary discoveries with the world.

And now?

Now, I am married to a husband with a big appetite, and we have 3 “babies”. Lulu is my chocolate brown chihuahua in heaven, Sammie is my tough little chihuahua, and Marley is my sweet big baby boy pit bull mix. They all love to help me in the kitchen, except when the Chiefs play. Go Chiefs! In May of 2016 I discovered that I am allergic to dairy, so any new recipes after that point will most likely be dairy free/ vegan.

Although I have been cooking for most my life, I am constantly learning, so come learn with me!